Constart Correspondents Network

Association of freelance and independent journalists for print, online and broadcast media


We are a community of free and independent journalists and editors. Committed to the canons of journalism, we stand for credible and substantiated content. We develop and create unique stories for media companies to enthuse print and online readers, radio or TV audiences. As journalists, we have shared editorial expertise and cooperate in the fields of science, business and finance, technology & IT, politics, youth&education, health, arts&media.


Content to inspire readers, listeners and viewers:

Media needs good stories, hard facts and interview partners who have something to say. We identify exceptional stories and convey them in print, pictures and audio.


Relevant news for renowned media

Motivated by our journalistic interest, our thirst for knowledge and curiosity for news and all things new, we create informative and entertaining content for leading media.


A feel for issues and trends

Because we are knowledgeable thinkers&writers, who work cooperatively in a closely-knit network, we are able to create core content based on the hard facts, relevant context and current trends.


Complex subjects made comprehensible

Because complex issues need to be explained and no one can know everything, we do the background to communicate complicated things easily.


Exclusive news, multi-faceted features, exciting stories.

Depending on the media and journalistic format, we prepare the content for the reader to suit the media, so it can meet its specific aim in terms of information, enter- and edutainment for print and online readers. As professional "media producers" we use various media, and with popular content management systems. Allowing us to create media content for all communication channels "on the fly". Simply contact the Constart Correspondent Network.


Simply contact the Constart Correspondent Network.




They all have one thing in common [...] They are very real - they are not stylized by the zeitgeist or advertising agencies. They make no concessions to audience, fashion, and career. They have no fear. They follow their own standards and their intuition. Intuition has to do with feeling - and not in terms of emotions, but in the sense of certainty. For that very reason: 'People who know what is in question'


Countess Marion Doenhoff.